From the CEO

Generations Home Care has been providing an amazing and steadfast service to our local Delaware community for over 50 years. Our main focus is on ensuring we stand up for those who need us most and we do it in a manner that is consistent with respect, kindness, and dignity. 


I am proud to be the CEO for this truly wonderful organization. In my first two weeks I was able to travel up and down the state meeting all of our team members and get the truest sense of committment from each one of them.


Our organization has been through a lot of turbulence throughout the years and has managed to weather funding issues, regulatory changes, and so much more. We are, however, in a new era of healthcare that requires that we reinvent ourselves to remain competitive and value-driven.


As we move forward together, we need the support of our community now more than ever through donations, volunteering, and feedback. Currently, we have begun to create a newer, more innovative way to move into the coming years and ensure our survival and growth.


Please consider donating to our organization so we can continue to serve the elderly through our home health programs, our state-wide, low cost transportation, and our adult foster program.


I look forward to our future of serving this community and celebrating our 50th anniversary together. I want our organization to represent compassion, respect, and value at all times while we strive to ensure we have an open and positive environment for our colleagues, patients, and friends. 


Here's to our future together,


Christopher Pisano

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